Drop Shipping


Drop shipping is one of the business models used by many business owners. Setting up a drop shipping website is long process. In this solution, you get your drop shipping up and running.  Every thing is set up and ready to use. You have to have your product category and customer range you want to offer your selected categories to. There are great range of features with this drop shipping website, includes:

Complete working Drop shipping

Based on WooCommerce

Payment Gateways Supported

Connected to Ali Express

Custom Domain with extra fee

Custom email with extra fee


For working example check https://myhome623965229.wpcomstaging.com/

For extra discussion send using contact form in the main page

or send email to info@solutionsetup.com

  • Please note that you have to buy one of the WooCommerce Hosting options.
  • This product cost only the setup of your drop shopping.


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